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This is the BIO1130 Home Page and it's were you're going to get the latest news on what is happening in the course. Hopefully this page is book marked already in your favourites and you'll drop by regularly to see what's new. (Just so you know this page was last updated on: Thursday, February 04, 2016 )

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Recent Adobe PDF uploads
Watch here for the latest uploads of lecture handouts and other Adobe documents that you'll need for the course. There are a variety of different tools that allow you to make notes on and annotate a PDF File. Find out more.

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Web updates
This is the seventh year that I've offered  the course. After feedback from former students last year I made major revisions to the Organization of the course. The content hasn't changed, just the sequence in which is presented. I'm placing all the history and basic biology together at the start of the course.  When we are introduced to a major biologists discovery we will also study it in depth. Once we are done that we'll examine the history of Biodiversity from the Big Bang to today. There will be some minor adjustments and updates and I hope to keep a week or two ahead so that various resources will be available in a timely fashion. If I fall behind please be patient. Any updates will appear here.

  • Five new crosswords in Proterozoic and Phanerozoic lecture topics (Dec 8)
  • Keywords are being reorganized for the Paleozoic to match the lecture sequence (Nov 25)
  • Crossword puzzle for the Hadean  and Archeon eons were revised (Oct 28)
  • Keywords in the lecture topic Modern theory for Microevolution have had minor updates and a new Crossword puzzle is available for Modern theory and Microevolution (Oct 28).
  • Keywords in the lecture topic Modern theory and more have been split into Microevolution and Speciation and cladistics (Sep 24)
  • I have updated the keywords in the Speciation and Cladistics subtopic of the topic Modern theory and more. (Sep 28)
  • New crossword puzzle focusing on the Speciation and Cladistics subtopic of the Lecture topic Modern theory and more is now available (Sep 29)
  • There will be no more web updates until after the midterm exam on October 3. (Sep 29)

That's old news
As different things that are posted on the Home Page of the course became a few weeks old they don't disappear. They are moved to the "That's old news" page. There you can check for any announcements and things that you might have missed.

Mass email updates.
There will be times when I need to contact the whole class and to do that I will be using an email notification system provided by the University.  I'll also post the emails here as well.

Office hours
Office hours are an opportunity for you to come in and ask questions about the course and the material that we have been covering during the course. So drop on by. You'll find my office in the Bioscience wing of the Bioscience complex (the same wing of the building where the labs are) in BSC 108.

  • Monday, 10:00 - 11:30
  • Wednesday, 11:30 - 1:00
  • Friday, 10:00 - 11:30

If it is impossible to make any of the schedules office hours check this copy of my schedule and we'll try and find an alternative time when we can meet. Send me an email with some alternate times to meet.

Please note: Office hours are cancelled the Friday before a midterm exam for preparations associated with the exam.


Final exam
Final exams are treated differently from midterm exams. One of the differences is that you will not get your final exam back. You always have the option of looking over your final exam and most students want to in hopes of raising their grade to the next letter. Remember that I have already rounded up the final numeric grade in the course by 0.7% and the amount that I increased your grade is equal to almost 3 points on the final exam. If, after the marks are posted, you still feel that you have more than 3 points in marking errors on your exam please email me and we can make an appointment for you to come in a look over your exam (Jan 4).

Marks for the final exam have been posted and you can look them up in the course's marks look up. You can also check your grade on the different parts of the exam. I'm not allowed to post your final course grade; you will have to look that up using your uoZone account and it may take a couple of days for the final grades to appear (Dec 19)

Marks look up
The marks from various parts of the course are collected in this one location. This is a secure site and when you click on it you'll go to the login area on InfoWeb to enter your student number and password and then to the marks page. If you receive an error refresh this page or clear your cache.

Use this link to see how you're
doing in the course.

Lecture podcasts
This year we are taking advantage of some special equipment in the Marion auditorium that allows us to record the lectures and deliver them as podcasts. A complete list of the lectures is available on the podcast page. We'll do our best to get the lecture up with 24 hours, Friday lectures by Monday.

E-mail questions?
If you have a question you can use e-mail t o ask it. I would ask that you place the course code in the subject line of your message. There is so much garbage e-mail that my SPAM filter may discard your e-mail; if BIO1130 is in at least a part of the subject line you can be sure that I'll get it.

Have you ever thought about how you come across in the e-mail you write? There is a whole netiquette to it and it is very different from text messaging. How you talk to your friends, compared to your parents or a professional differs. It's the same for e-mail. You want to look your best and that applies to when you write to a professor or anyone that takes any form of communication as an indication of your mastery of it. Find out more about Netiquette.

I don't sit glued to my computer waiting for e-mail so don't expect an immediate answer. If I've got a back log of e-mail I'll try and have it answered by the next scheduled office hours.

How good is your study technique?
The Globe and Mail published an article "Why your teenager is studying the wrong way". Here are some suggestions. (Sep 14)

  • Don't waste your time reading notes or the textbook over and over again
  • Mix up your subject matter
  • Put material such as a scientific definition in your words...
  • Learn the reason behind the fact
  • If studying is easy, you aren't learning

In the lecture we took a look at keywords and strategies for working with them. If you missed our discussion, a copy of that part of the podcast is available. Keywords can be checked by using the glossary in the ebook or using web sources. The library has an excellent list of Dictionaries available online and the Oxford Dictionary of Biology is a good general reference for Biology terms. More specialized dictionaries are also available.  (Sep 25).




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