Jon G. Houseman

Hi: Welcome to the part of the Salinella server where you can find out a little bit more about me (Jon) and some of the things that I have been up to. 

DigiZoo: That is the name that the student's gave it and it's short for Digital Zoology and something I've been working on for almost eight years now. At this point in time it's essentially a digital multimedia guide to just about all of the specimens that you would find in zoology labs. They might be labs in a general zoology course, invertebrate or vertebrate courses - even high school courses that matter. Here's a few articles about it. BIODIDAC: Faced with the absence of teaching materials that we were able to use with new technologies we started to generate them instead. And BIODIDAC was born. The catalogue has grown to close to 4,000 objects including line-art, photos and videos, all copyright and royalty free for educational use.

Instructional development: Having used computers and new technologies for close to 10 years now I've seen some of the best, and yes, some of the worst of what people do with this powerful new way to deliver courses to our students. Here are some thoughts and tips.

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